Blog Changes

This week I changed my blog and added new features to it. First, I changed the theme to express winter and the holidays. Next, I added a calendar to the side of my blog so viewers could easily access the date. Lastly, I fixed formatting errors and added a picture page!

Week 8 Blogging Challenge

This week I participated in the week eight game ‘Count Out Three’

I visited Liv’s Blog . I commented on her post “Kitties Vs. Puppies” because it caught my eye and I thought it was very interesting.

I also commented on Luke’s Blog . I commented on his post “Popular Foods in Australia” because it is so awesome to see what people from deferent countries enjoy eating.

Lastly, I saw Ella’s Blog. I commented on her post “Kittens” because I loved her poem about the soft animals.

All About Animals!


Throughout the whole world, there are more animals than there are human beings. Different animals life in different locations, however some animals can adapt to new environments. For example, some animals live in cold areas while others live in warm regions. Everything that makes up nature aids these creatures in living a healthy and full life. Wildlife can come in many different forms, including mammals, reptiles, insects and amphibians.

Animals also contribute to the food chain and they provide essential resources for everyday life. In other words, in order to keep a healthy diet s0me animals eat others of their own kind. Of course some animals don’t eat meat, so they need plants to keep their body running. To add, humans need meat from animals to build muscle. Cows, fish, chicken and turkey are all animals that people feed off of. Animals with fur help keep people warm in the winter. Lastly, animals help fertilize plants. Animals are a vital part of the worlds ecosystem.

One of the most unique insects is a beautiful butterfly. Their gorgeous patterned wings, tiny bodies and elegant way of flying make them so special. The thorax is the center of the creatures body and its four wings surround it. Each butterfly has a different pattern on their wings. Like some other insects, butterflies mostly sip nectar of flowers with their long tongues. Also, these tiny bugs migrate to different environments depending on the weather. However, most butterflies stay in tropical regions.

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Week 5: Activity 1

In my country, a popular food is french fries. These delicious side dishes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. While they are golden brown on the outside, when you sink your teeth into them you experience a soft piece of heaven. Originally coming from potatoes, french fries are deep fried. The savory aroma will leave you wanting more. Sprinkle some salt on them and you won’t be able to resist eating every single one.

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Week 5: Activity 2

At my school, students have the option of buying a hot lunch. There is pizza, sandwiches, chicken and salad. For sides, there are fruit, french fries and vegetables. As well as food, there are also drinks that include chocolate milk, apple juice and lemonade. Personally, I prefer my homemade sandwich over school lunches because it is more nutritious. Lastly, it is a hassle to pay five dollars for a school lunch.

Week 5: Activity 3

Survey on types of food:

1) What is your favorite food?

2) Do you prefer homemade or store bought food?

3) Do you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

4) Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?

5) What is you favorite dessert or candy?

Answer these questions by commenting below!

Week 5: Activity 4

I visited 5 other blogs from different countries and commented on their posts. Here’s what I said:

First, I visited Daisy’s blog

I commented:

I live in America and have tried dumpling. Similar to people in your country, I enjoy the taste of this savory food. What do you like to eat dumpling with?


Next, I went to

I commented:

I have never tried Korean barbecue. The way you describe it makes me want to try it even more. What is your favorite type of Korean barbecue?


I also visited

I commented:

Pavlova sounds delicious! I live in the United States and have never tried it. After reading your post, I might have to give it a try. Can other ingredients besides fruits be in it?


Additionally, I took a look at

I commented:

Damper sounds very appetizing. What do you eat it with?


Lastly, I explored Sabrina’s blog

I commented:

In my country, I enjoy eating french fries with dipping sauces. What is your favorite food to eat from your country?


Week 3: Activity 5

Throughout my Edublogs experience, I learned how to properly post and use images. I know that I have to get permission to post a picture as well as giving the website or person credit for their work. The image should also relate to its post. I can’t wait to explore more on Edublogs.

Week 3: Activity 6


On the weekends, I enjoy spending time at the beach. The beautiful water and the fresh breeze make me feel like I’m in another world. Additionally, I love adventuring to new beaches with my friends. Each beach has a unique feel about it. Over the summer, I took surfing classes at my local beach. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again.

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