My Online World

Similarly to my personality in the real world, when I am online, I like to be represented by a free-spirited bubbly girl. On the internet, I prefer to be portrayed as who I am in person. Through my bright pictures and creative posts, people can get to know me better. However, online I have to be careful what I say or post because not everybody is who they seem. Additionally, online sometimes it’s easier to talk than in person. In my free time, I enjoy sharing my thoughts through social media.

2 thoughts on “My Online World

  1. Chloe, I agree with all of your statements about online safety and how “not everybody is who they seem”. This is very important and I will definitely keep this in mind as I blog and comment. Do you always think twice before commenting and posting online?

  2. Chloe,
    Great to hear you are the same person both online and in real life. Also thank you for being safe online and thinking before you comment or give out information.

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